We are excited to announce that AC Trucking has been acquired and joined the Titan Transfer, Inc family!  Apply Here.

3023 E Kemper Road

Building 9,
Cincinnati, OH 45241

(800) 331-9846

Local: (513) 771-3676

Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 5:00

Receiving Hrs: M-F: 7 am-3 pm

History of AC

The Beginning: 1886
Working in transportation for 5 generations, it’s fair to say of the Zembrodt family that “trucking is in their blood.”
1886 Continued
In 1886, John Charles Zembrodt began the family’s excursion into the transportation industry as Zembrodt Express. Using horse drawn carriages, they hauled beer and household goods between Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati.
Early 1900's
With the invention of the Semi Truck in the late 1890’s, the trucking industry grew rapidly. Quick to adapt, the Zembrodts began to transition from horse drawn carriages to trucks.
In the 1930’s the eldest Zembrodt son, Joseph, along with his wife Etta, took over the family business.   Tragically, Joseph died just a few years later, leaving Etta to raise their 3 children and run the business. Etta, known for being “tough as nails,” proved to be more than capable of successfully running Zembrodt Express for many years. Her sons, William, Robert, and Cyril (Cy) were raised in the business. Cy, who later founded AC Trucking, went to work for Zembrodt Express full time upon completing his 8th grade education.
1940's and 1970's
One of Cy Zembrodt's more notable qualities was his strong sense of independence.  Following his time working in the family business, Cy went on to work for a local beer distributor.  He worked his way up through the ranks into a position in leadership.  As Cy refined his skill and knowledge he went on to manage and run a few local trucking companies.  However, Cy wanted more.  He wanted to run his own trucking company, one that reflected his tireless work ethic and dedication to his customers.  In the late 1970's Cy bought a large piece of property with 13 warehouses on it.  With that, AC Leasing Company was formed.
1980's and 1990's
Cy continued his family's tradition by involving his sons (Joe, Jerry, and John) in the family business.  Each of them started off doing menial jobs within the company.  Later, when they were old enough, they loaded and drove trucks.  As time went on, each of them earned their place within leadership at AC.  Joe specialized in managing logistics, John oversaw facilities, financials, and maintenance, and Jerry managed sales and customer relationships. As a family, they would often sit around the dinner table and talk business until late in the evening; they lived and breathed trucking.
AC Trucking in the New Millenium
Cy remained active in the business until the time of his passing, in 2011.  Since then, Joe Zembrodt has served as president of AC Trucking. Together with the rest of the AC team, continues the family mission of dedication to hard work and exceptional customer service.  They are committed to professional, on-time service. As in the past, they accomplish this through their team of top-notch drivers and knowledgeable, experienced staff. Many of AC's employees have worked in the industry their entire professional lives. Moreover, they strive to ensure that AC remains current with the ever-changing logistics industry.  As examples, with the implementation of a cutting-edge crm system, GPS tracking, and ELD compliance, and long-standing use of EDI, they ready to accomplish any task their customers require.
We are excited to announce that AC Trucking has been acquired and joined the Titan Transfer, Inc family!  Apply Here.