3023 E Kemper Road

Building 9,
Cincinnati, OH 45241

(800) 331-9846

Local: (513) 771-3676

Mon - Fri: 8:00 - 5:00

Receiving Hrs: M-F: 7 am-3 pm

Our Team


Mike Schmidt

General Manager

Mike began his career at AC 34 years ago working in the warehouse. During his time with AC, Mike has done it all: drive trucks, work dispatch, manage warehousing, and supervise maintenance. Today, in addition to his duties as general manager, Mike is in charge of safety, recruiting, and warehousing.

Tom Schroder

Maintenance Manager

Tom has been with AC for 20 years. Prior to AC, Tom has worked as a truck-driver, dispatcher, mechanic, and even run his own trucking company. While Tom oversees maintenance, never afraid to get his hands dirty, you will often find Tom hard at work fixing trucks and performing various repairs around our facility. Tom is AC’s version of Chuck Norris.


Doug Gastright


As dispatcher, Doug is typically the first person that people talk to when they call in to AC. They will find him to be energetic and personable. Using his exceptional interpersonal skills, Doug has a knack for taking a challenging situation and turning it into a positive.

Front Office

Jane Sehlhorst

Invoicing and Payroll

Julie Bakes

Logistics / Warehouse Manager

Julie has extensive experience both in the trucking industry (20 years) as well as managing payables (17 years). Here at AC, in addition to her other duties, Julie manages billing for warehousing and tracks and reports metrics for trucking. Julie is driven to make sure each task is done with precision and accuracy.

Cathi Witt

Assistant Office Manager

Cathi has more than a decade of logistics experience. She is both honest and direct, an approach that serves her well in roles as human resources administrator, accounts receivable, and accounts payable here at AC.

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